Sell With Us is a Grenada based site that aims to be a user-friendly internet platform for online shoppers within the Grenada market to easily find goods and services that they are interested in. Visitors will find items listed in a variety of categories that they can inquire about and proceed to buy.

If you have any valuable, legitimate items that you want to promote and sell to the Grenada market we’ll be happy to offer our internet advertising and marketing services  to you. Whether you are an individual with a personal item that you want to sell, or a business who want to market your goods and services, we will be happy to help you.

Though the site is new, we are committed to providing quality services, and we are continually improving our services as time goes on. Presently, we are getting traffic and reaching our targeted audience through strategies such as SEO, social media and offline promotion. Our mission is to grow into a top internet trading and marketing website for Grenada, where both buyers and advertisers can always be satisfied with our service.

Our services include:

– Listing and promotion of items for sale on

– Promotion and marketing of items on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube.

Basically, our aim will be to do as much promotional and marketing activities as necessary to allow your items to get good online exposure, which will allow you to get the right leads, increase sales and gain more customers. The cost for our services will vary depending on the specific type of service you want for respective items. However, our fees will be very attractive because we want to ensure that we are competitive in the marketing/advertising industry in Grenada and the internet.

If you are interested in our online marketing and sales services you can contact us via the form below. Or, you can contact us via phone 417-8757 (Cell) 442-7986 (fixed line).

Simply fill out the form below to contact us. make sure to include a working email address that will allow us to get back to you.

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