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Thank you for visiting in your search for items for sale in Grenada. We are a website based in Grenada, West Indies that lists various items in multiple categories that are offered towards the Grenada market (new and used items). Basically, we are an online marketplace for Grenada, where shoppers can search and find different deals and offers that they are interested in.

If you’ve found an item that you are interested in buying, you’ll need to contact the seller of the specific item in order to conduct business negotiation, arrangement and transaction. Some listings may have an external website/webpage that may require you to click a link on the ad’s page for redirection in order to conduct the necessary trade arrangement and transaction from this specific site. Though we will list many items for sale that are actually owned by us, you’ll also find a number of items on the site that are owned by third party sellers.

Each item listed for sale on has the seller’s contact information on the ad’s page which will include phone number, email address or link to another page/site on the web that’s associated with the seller. Additionally, at the end of each post you’ll find a contact form (with a place for including your email address) that allows you to send us here at your inquiries or questions about the specific item. Once your inquiries or questions are related to an issue that we can help you with, we’ll try to respond to you as soon as possible.

Since we personally post all items listed on the site on our own, normally we would get significant information about an item and it’s seller that would allow us to assist shoppers with further info on the specific item or the seller. However, keep in mind that we may not always have a lot of information on all items listed for sale by third party sellers. Therefore, you may have to contact the merchant/advertiser of the specific item directly to get more information.

At we strongly oppose scams or inappropriate business practices. Therefore, in our effort to help shoppers find quality and valuable deals to consider, we try to only list items that we believe are legitimate and satisfactory offers from reputable sellers. Despite that, we still advise you to exercise good caution when dealing with sellers in order to ensure that you are satisfied after completing any business transaction.