Engine And Exterior Parts For 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara (Used) – Price Negotiable

Used engine and exterior parts for 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara for sale.

Price: Negotiable

Item Location:  St. Andrew’s

Seller: Neallon


Whether you are a Grand Vitara owner or a mechanic who works on Grand Vitaras, this is a fantastic deal for you to take advantage of. This parts came from a 2000 grand Vitara that had mainly the roof alone badly damage from an accident, so it was written off. However, all the other parts remained in good working condition.

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engine-parts-suzuki-grand-vitara-2000-grenada-white-on-floor engine-parts-suzuki-grand-vitara-2000-grenada-parts-on-bench  engine-parts-suzuki-grand-vitara-2000-grenada-direct-engine engine-parts-suzuki-grand-vitara-2000-grenada-5-direct-engine engine-parts-suzuki-grand-vitara-2000-grenada-46-engine engine-parts-suzuki-grand-vitara-2000-grenada