Beware Of Scams On Grenada Classified Sites

The Financial Intelligence Unit of the Royal Grenada Police Force has released a statement to the press warning the general public of scams via fake Grenada classified websites. They said that a site with the domain is a fake sales website and currently in existence. However, after researching on the matter myself I realised that the domain is a second domain for, which is a real site and as far as I know is not into scamming people.

The domain is simply forwarded to the primary domain in order to make them both point to the same site. Therefore, if you visit you’ll simply be redirected to Now, or is not a fake site. They are a real classifieds advertising site that has been in operation for a long time allowing SGU students and the Grenadian public to buy and sell online. However, certain individuals who are likely not affiliated with are using the site to carry out their scams. And apparently, some shoppers on the site have been affected by such scams.

Before reading this report, I personally have encountered a scam on another classified site ( An ad claiming to be advertising a vehicle for sale at a very low price turned out to be fake. The seller who had a fake identity was asking for my contact information and address so that they can make arrangements for a transaction. But I suspected this was a scam after observing several inconsistencies with the ad and the seller’s info. My ultimate conclusion of this scam came after finding an ad for the same vehicle on an overseas website posted by the real owner of the vehicle at a much higher price.

So it appears that these scammers are simply taking photos of vehicles and other goods that DON’T belong to them, and making up fake ads with attractive prices in order to lure the innocent shoppers into transferring money to them.

The press release says that “The RGPF warns that several persons have fallen victims to the scams, and it strongly advises persons to refrain from making any purchases on this internet site as well as transferring money”. However, as I said the classified sites are legit, and the persons running the sites do not scam people including and But since anyone can sign up and post items for sale on the sites, the scammers are able to use these sites for bad purposes.

My personal advice is that you should be cautious when responding to ads on any classifieds or sales site anywhere. My recommendation is to avoid sending money to the seller of any item before you see them in person and verify that the items posted are real and satisfactory to you.

As for, all the items in our listings will be posted by us personally, not the seller/advertiser. We will be taking necessary measures to make sure that each item is legit before we post it on the site. We will also verify that the seller is a real person/company before approving their items for listing. However, we still advise visitors to exercise good caution when doing business with any merchant in order to protect yourself from any potential scams and loses to bad deals.

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