Amazon Fire Phone Announced By Jeff Bezos

Amazon on Wednesday launched its first own mobile phone. The Fire Phone is $199 or $299 fee with a contract with AT&T and is available in the U.S. from July 25. People can buy the device on the Amazon website for $649 (32GB) or  $749 (64 GB), but then you have are required to have a U.S. credit card. Plans about offer the device to countries outside the U.S. is not known. One most striking feature about the Fire Phone is the feature that allows you to do a price comparison in stores with the press of a button and find out what the article in Amazon says. The device can recognize millions of items.

The phone has a screen of 4.7 inch, 13 million megapixels camera, weighs 160 grams and has a call duration of 22 hours. The latter is very much compared to the iPhone 5S, which can last only 10 hours. Furthermore, you can use the phone with your television set to play videos, movies etc. from the phone.

Amazon Fire Phone Back And Front

The Fire Phone allows its user to change an image’s perspective by moving their head, rather than creating “pop-out” effects.The owner can also scroll through a webpage or bring up menus by tilting the smartphone in their hand.

Chief executive of Amazon Jeff Bezos announced the phone at a press event in Seattle. But many industry watchers and product reviewers had doubts about Amazon’s Fire Phone success. Elements such as uniqueness, price and weight are said to be unfavourable. However, only time will tell how the smartphone market will treat the Fire Phone.